Monday, March 16, 2015

white solar winds steadY 9.2 kweak in TreeKweak

jaguar origin server

this kweak both includes
17 18 24
where 24 fuses some buddies in a foundation
guided by federalists in the Hague
( serendipity factor)

whether the moon of sun is fading somewhere on OURPLANET
is always as an eagle or owl passing the shades

we chanted the NeuReeBah with her 
and enjoyed Ieper with Fraddy
halfway 20 14
a SUN WIZARD combi

where this 2015
visionaries at MINDSET
as it goes smooth

componed it a long time a go
Times are a Changing

the 9.2 kweak
is on synch with seal 2.9
tione nine in wave 2, the wizard wave
(in the maKing)

by on 242
Ich harmonisiere um zu kommunizieren
Atem formend
Ich präge den Eingang des Geistes
Mit dem Galaktischen Ton der Ganzheit
Ich bin geführt durch die Kraft des Todes


  1. QuetzalCoatls Day in d2d foundation gin iddt closes the march 17 quest witn
    Willing notarisses Feyen, De Vries & Eskens (both Actus) working willingly witn
    A servant of the crown registered by high court servant president CW in Palace DB
    Site pages set free and fitting the shoe rcc in the report by griffier Vermeulen. Spoken just before Revenge Seat request honoured by Pres. And executed on free willl by mr De Koning.
    True we should not set free shame grants while this is to be arranged as mp refines his pkeads kingly.

    Vermeulen is same family name as chair seat june 26, 2008 in Utrecht pre. Crvb Blessing off 2 regents in full service of kings pride.
    Claus reigning as spirit all the time 'against benno bell'
    With the ballgame of billiards (uncle Piet partner in a de Groot game by Jacob & Tinus, the wizard.
    Max may set free the Orange Tree as Bernard choose Orabge tea on monday 23.

  2. Family secret service sometimes opens while the demon is gone by the wind ..
    Here the demon is kweak 9.2 day 16-24 in kweakayn a total innovative time program within 13 moon pioneering mother : the sun

    Jacob is the oldest son of a Pronk daugther married de Groot in Warmenhuizen, tyhe Netherlands, close to De OoieVaar, the Stork

    stork: 9 8 13 10 11 : 17 13 21 : earth skywalker hunab'Kuh, according the timetraveller Jose Arguelles

    integral summary aligns to 51 which is Eagle 12 which goes before 52 (YaniQ)

    kweak interpretation on this dreamspell draft is sort of glibberishi to Judean Stalkers in debt as my friend Yitzhaq , a cyber architect diverting the core bizz.
    They really need human figures as Charleyene Valensin , a seretary of Hugh Schoenfield (true or fals is no point : she is spiritual holystiQ)

    so 52 giver 60 less to itself:252 as 51 does : 251
    Kweakspell result is 51 plus 251: 42

    so there you are : the galaxy hitchhikers number fourtee two ..
    is is dreamspell kin for Jan Goudsblom
    honoured in Carnegie Hall of Honorary Citizen acting their best manifestation in Emergencies

    on May 22, 2009 this was seen by Arun Gandhi & Steophen Engelking & their Host, the volunteering citizen aka Stand-Up Governor [Uncle S' ace]

    The trip ended far away in Retie, Belgium at the host of a Tree Entrepreneur.
    Close by Schiphol it ended at the Rishis near GasFabric Amsterdam, culturally spheric facilitated by NAPo'leonardo (in lakech a la kin / namaste)

    The foundation GIN iddt is a formal stamp to back up Integral DirectoraaDT,
    where as it more legally is the Universe speaking through a single man, a sovereign servant to the human race ..