Thursday, March 5, 2015

Great Crest GreBe kweak in SOLAR moon 9 ~ intenD

for a while we were late
in PuBlishing KweakAYNs Current

whereas InSpiRaTions broke through
un expected although telePathed by Chance

today is March 5
and tomorrow its kweak ending ..
which is a switch
as shifts happen to Boot the Root

no lectures for this ..
but long ago AYN cient warriors , they say

some SerendipiTy LuckNow
perhaps took a chance

we will C

the GreeBE
has triple interest in 

as Great Bear of Ursa Major

as Ready to REE when sailing in a TeamSpirit

as let it happeb by universal EnerGEE

at a listeners mode to beautY 

Grab one another only when it helps both

(see the clip and BE with them as ELDERS in Spe / on a Spotlight)

1 comment:

  1. i narrate here a bit for new customers / studying fellowships

    the moon 1 5 9 13 have an extended format
    so here we see more KIN numbers appear as in the 9 other moons

    See this as the interval trayning we allow ..
    Getting up the full play at 3 kin a day on kweakTree experiences
    popping 13 moon into worlds palm

    new site is popping at entering the "integral governance" noospheric aLL IGN MENTS .. SLIGHTLY studied by Vernadski Teilhard de Chardin Jose Arguelles & Huge Schonfield as i see this by his talent as intuit for chorea~phi in his years of observing the human strifes ..