Thursday, March 5, 2015

Great Crest GreBe kweak in SOLAR moon 9 ~ intenD

for a while we were late
in PuBlishing KweakAYNs Current

whereas InSpiRaTions broke through
un expected although telePathed by Chance

today is March 5
and tomorrow its kweak ending ..
which is a switch
as shifts happen to Boot the Root

no lectures for this ..
but long ago AYN cient warriors , they say

some SerendipiTy LuckNow
perhaps took a chance

we will C

the GreeBE
has triple interest in 

as Great Bear of Ursa Major

as Ready to REE when sailing in a TeamSpirit

as let it happeb by universal EnerGEE

at a listeners mode to beautY 

Grab one another only when it helps both

(see the clip and BE with them as ELDERS in Spe / on a Spotlight)