Tuesday, March 24, 2015

lonely wolf goes to the dark bushes

click the image 
( John Lennon revival act popping SchoenfielD )

"WE~US" suppose this is needed from wolfies instinct
given the moonwash / sunscrub last kweak
(march 17 - 24) 

our guide is chair Stephen Engelking
a most generous advisor at a Gandhi Schooling
by his 50 year fiancee
& a Jerusalem Fighter
hiding in a beard ;-)E

the image also shows the BIRCH tree
celtic relevant at june 24
(in 1955, as a GOAT year: pioneering the NOO)

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  1. 03 27 1979 was tenerife klm disaster with panam
    Dreamspell 163
    Tzolkin 107
    Treekweak 010

    The treeKweak seem ESP ref. For Manitou, AYE