Monday, March 30, 2015

early love kweak of month TEN

some notes
  • this kweak is an early bird
  • this is what the wolf breaks from the regular timestamp by its howling
  • mark the dat 1/4 = 4/1 on this planet as a rule
  • it simply contemplates the edge of a coin in harmoniQ with 1/10 = 10/1
  • here it is the 10th moon in tzolkin ; the other ones is the long time reigning V/VC
  • some pipes already signalled white smokes!  ( no wargamepipes i hope ;-)
  • the stork is a top symbol in my village of being born ovr there
  • in Warmenhuizen it is named "De OoieVaar" , its a pub's name too!
From this point as time-shifters we see back too last week
(still running at the early bird presences)
1/4 is a typical code which runs economic paradises .. by a deep code for trutharousal
1 is the ONE humanity created on the planeth
4 is the GER, which is a lost word in Tuningen where Stephen lost into a Steve of Destruction despite his will to do better .. but how with the neverending help of his fiancee Sandy - formely SandRA.

How important is the name that is sounded at your baptising ?

In my original name i was baptized as "Kees", which was already poisoned by 'programming effects" perhaps from war I&II or by NAPoleonardo, my best friend (cynical approach)
So at my honeymoon on august 23, 1990 it was approved at 3 to sound it as "S' ace" again,
the sound belonging to "Cees" , while C followed by "e' is still C in sound ,
this differs for C followed by 'a', 'o', 'u' when it is sounded as 'K'.
What is behing this story?? the mayor of Amsterdam askes in his best interests ..
Well, Sir, the dutch were somehwat annoited by 'the Caesar' in Rome who came until Cas'tricum, NH.
They refused to say Kaiser and irred him by Cesar ..
At certayn point they forgot the realistic sounds and got beghosted in to alien beings as the Engelkings in Tuningen.
But then they have the luck of "Never Giving UP" , which needs a correct angles ..
April ONE 2015