Friday, May 2, 2014

MOON 11 in SERPENT moon a skywalker KWEAK

(see comment for update on maya 8 2014)

new position
the siliAUM chant shifted from position 1.2 to 1.9
here 2 and 9 sync to the author ..
while wave 2 tone 9 is its KIN 22
wave WIZARD tone INTEND - solar

The serpent here is pictured

here it refers to a HORSE ..
that is surprised by a SNAKE

( see the all grand file for moore )

Could a horse change its skin too ??

perhaps it is a more regular happening ...

remember humans to change all cells every 7 years

except 8 ??

7 and a twin

(a copy for the original ONE)

(remember this kweak runs 3 daya 'in front' till july24-2014 )


  1. due by some mixed up storms the numbering was slightly wrong last kweak 11.1
    (thinking positive this might have occured some stirr in the cosmic LOVE field)

    so next kweak is a MONKEY kweak , while this one doesnot end on MOON as falsely spotted, but it is 2 kin later : number 11 !
    (in fact a 9 11 occurence; which ontologically may fit serendipity strings ;-)

    1. time stamp 215 delivers the EAGLE kin 215 in wave MOON 209, tone 6 rhythmic ( SHIVA ) - it purifies CCORDING moon KIN / MEANING / MOONING