Monday, May 19, 2014

11 MoN ~ SERPENT moon MooN kweak plus a MoNo moon daya on kweak 4 (balancing)

this kweak ends up in MooN
which is same as aMoN

this is a property for the 3rd Moon
while the 10th line actually is a moon on a single day
it is the 4th Moon, a MoNo Moon merging a fulle daya
(from KweaK rference GuidE)

Let it Happen , aye .. SymPli .. AYN


Did you feel the cuddle of the sun
as secret strength of grow
But when assumed not done
Man's left with sand to mow

What if one tries to be
The ray that warms the heart
The hug for you and me
Would it be a blooming start?

Have you heard the message of the wind?
From time to time a gentle fondling,
And when attention's ab-sent
A destructive crying auditing

What if men were iT’s sound body?
Performing the beat within
Like the whisper in the rooted tree
Would it be, a new begin?

as an excerpt to 3 strophes .. 

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  1. Here some visualisation of the VOID kweak