Thursday, May 8, 2014

MOON 11 serpent type takes MONKEY KWEAK

is here on 081 dragon kweaktree spell

chant LI MI MAH
7th>    7th<    <4th>
( chakral visiting on voyage )

it is the birds body kin of the kweak

see kin 073 and 089
as the tipping points of that bird

075 077 079 are the LEFT WING
083 085 087 are the RIGHT WING

it is complex when thinking on it ..
but flows when inhaled as just a good mapping

81 is a square 3 twice !

3 ^ 2 ^ 2

which is why 322 also gives 22
(the 2 swans indicating TRUST)

S' aceY

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  1. As a line understanding KWEAK s effort ..
    The author likes the expla'nations of Marcel Messing on Robotics2050
    (Video studium generale on TransHumanisme)
    That sets in 'mindset' that human being is a machine as a sound idea.
    Marcel says awe that idea that outcasts all human fields to establish contacts from wild esprit.
    This wild esprit is an essence linked to kweak as a way to slice slicethe time.
    The crown is a thing as 4 years of all things happening in the whirl of a split second .. and seeing one another in full value radiating one anothers bridged rainbow ..

    We are unique .. that is for sure and why we build to'gether gathered and free / open sensuals ..