Friday, February 28, 2014

introducing Mation ( II - a kweak energy boost )

in this edition we honor this day Februar 28 ..

indeed .. it communicated 28 / 2 : 14

this is a secret revealed in order to reboot / reboost humanunity

it is done by an example moon
(current moon - however that was bugged - which is a spiritual blessing by timespirit)

Some ideas in this one - that simplifies by taking it and repeating its uniQness
each days fractiousness is realistic/divine endless energy types
however we built on the Three
dawn - noon - eve
whereas the night disappeared mysteriously ')
while he was inserted / implemented OBLIQUE

} which was a GooD idea for a while {

the seals work as keywords .. 
that need some contemplation
wheras the Moons Seal here is DRAGON
the is the one missing in the list of 19 here
(but then this varies per moonkweak)
-a moonkweak is a series of 9 days within 27-
=we have 3 types in those 27=

for now

and 28 / 3 = 9 rest 1
that 1 is the GLORYdaya that in fact rules a wholly moon

this symbol goes with a 3th comment on the HOPE
restoring the STAFF
') in fact the NIGHTWATCH = Rembrandt : dutch N8W8(werkwoord ACHTEN; verb: esteem, respect)

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