Tuesday, February 4, 2014

KWEAK 8.1 LOVEkweak in HAWK power ~ special E-dit-ion

sometimes a story should be told ..
but then as human as we are ..
we need some commercials ..
before we get in the right mood to feed our mind ..

(isn't this a consumers attitude)

anyway i as an author am always wrong ..
buit some day ..
we just narrate "a life" ..

script spells the autobiography ..
(but then author is a singular being)

in this kweak
the kweak sets vulture on the position of EARTH seal, the navigator 157
that one is right before 161 the initial kweakseal for this year,

how do they cooperate mysterious but to be followed in rational scientifical talk at "receptive state",

we used to label as "s'ilent 4th prince of Serendip"

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