Thursday, March 6, 2014

sace Moon ~ uniQverse for JAGUAR moon

} hard to believe this is NOO selfish at all {

perhaps downloading a LIFE ?

certainly TUNE INN GEN' I/US

aligned to another mans SOUL
(jan goudsblom, my fathers true friend)

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  1. The 0600 timestamp is pretty okay ..
    Remember the first daypart signals a different kin for the dawn ..

    202 wind aligns to Resonant Wind ..

    This is Kin for TzuJan, a true friend now at the foot of the hunter seeing the bulls eye

    202 is a 22 type not on math but on seeing through the rabbits eyes

    And .. we know the rabbit is a judge , strict to the letters of a book ..
    But often lost from spirit ..
    ( but i was lucky )