Friday, October 17, 2014

VACUUM kweak dedicated to REnewalll wuith ROBIN

a must for STephHens ... the elfin whispered
energy 92 (the treekweak of last eve)

STORM 139 is tone 9 in monKEY wave

is it spiced in some specific happening ?

10 23 seems special in WEB
is it newmoon ?

well at least LeoN10 has twin birthdaya on oct24
152 is its treekweak elfin

comment on it, bro?

 iD & Refine
in order to survive
measuring instinct
 i seal the store of the life force
With the self existing tone of  form
I am guided by the power of birth
I am a polar kin
I convert the red galactic spectrum
& & &

 it is Dedicated PlanetetarY Mission

comment your favourite line out of Prime Robin PA

CHOZEN reading for a DAY / DAYA

what strikes here - to me - is
last rule ..
KIN & 1.6 rises 2 times in a sequence
and failures are meaningful to my fool22 typo

anyway thuis is a Quint
EssenTial 5 days in fact a subkweak on 9 seals
seed serpent worldbridger hand star moon dog monkey human

occult 4
serpent - hand - moon monkey

anybody having a clue ? 
dont hesitate and come in to comment ?

members know questions are answered
by the uniQverse while biovoid equips

Serpent as eve

Hand as dawn
 Moon as noon
 spell : survival act - healing purification



  1. my favou'rite
    ths very momenT

    we have to learn to trust our intuition
    and our unique creative expressions

  2. Energy 92
    Spekls magnetic human in arguelles castings aka valum votan & bolon ik

    Alll stu died and en lived by &olon Ik guided by 42 uncle Jan .. 1920 born

    Passed in 1985 ..
    Alll the time tracking a mission found in the jungles drilling oil

    Transcended his spirit by fishing and seeing in the windstirredwater
    Always aunt Jacoba & Martinus & annelisa were with them ..

    Were some joined as TzuJean

    92 popped 42 whereas it is a human
    Magnetic force is from cosmos in water molecule .. Y guided

  3. Why is the chanting column unclear ?

    It is up to you what chanting comes from the vessel ..

    Kweak initiates a starter ..
    Find yoir match ?!

  4. The sync here on 21 is
    WorldBridger on GammayWay as chanting

    that one was set at dawn in Belgium about 9 weeks ago ..

    the wheels tracked are
    gam: hearth down to earth
    may: 3rd eye entrance
    way: 3rd eye awakened

    G indicates a G force as Hubab Ku

  5. oops ..
    some awareness on verb 'is' seems still running jn my vocabulary ..

    while it tends to math i prefer relational bound ..