Friday, October 17, 2014

VACUUM kweak dedicated to REnewalll wuith ROBIN

a must for STephHens ... the elfin whispered
energy 92 (the treekweak of last eve)

STORM 139 is tone 9 in monKEY wave

is it spiced in some specific happening ?

10 23 seems special in WEB
is it newmoon ?

well at least LeoN10 has twin birthdaya on oct24
152 is its treekweak elfin

comment on it, bro?

 iD & Refine
in order to survive
measuring instinct
 i seal the store of the life force
With the self existing tone of  form
I am guided by the power of birth
I am a polar kin
I convert the red galactic spectrum
& & &

 it is Dedicated PlanetetarY Mission

comment your favourite line out of Prime Robin PA

CHOZEN reading for a DAY / DAYA

what strikes here - to me - is
last rule ..
KIN & 1.6 rises 2 times in a sequence
and failures are meaningful to my fool22 typo

anyway thuis is a Quint
EssenTial 5 days in fact a subkweak on 9 seals
seed serpent worldbridger hand star moon dog monkey human

occult 4
serpent - hand - moon monkey

anybody having a clue ? 
dont hesitate and come in to comment ?

members know questions are answered
by the uniQverse while biovoid equips

Serpent as eve

Hand as dawn
 Moon as noon
 spell : survival act - healing purification