Tuesday, October 7, 2014

DankE&anK kweak Energizes a full red moon

whatever happens in LIFE
the INITIATE lives from a new DAWN each day

the most history chronicles in our mid
3 9 27 days for a doubt ...
using the kweaks rhythm on GLORYdaya
stimulates the PRESENCE
in all beings on all reasonable doubt
radiaTing aTTracT receipT
carry thos 5 T' s as communicating characteristics

GLORYDAYA has no T at all ;-)
however it balances in TransMissive
the sixth T (as sixth sense, AYE ?)

little story on T

from root as bottom
i raise
into I
then lookaround
at the level reached
may find U
(meandering some thoughts) 


  1. Maybe those writings are parallel experiences guising transition


    Consider it in the nighttime working the planets destinu with people that cherish its glory ..

  2. As a reminder
    The truth popped in a case in Den Bosch
    It means Royalty is to be given to Famecon Holding

    Its kalikey factor is serendipity ..
    But as elegance reigns to be formalized by a King & Queen

    Perhaps 2 Kings & Queens
    While the company resides in Belgium & the Netherlands