Thursday, June 5, 2014

Resonant Judges Listen to the Planeths' Echo 12.2

Judge is no Mole
however They Mask on the Ball

vice versa

some daddypreach
(to be filled from practioners in echo state)

Special Here
GB Storm
is about a prediction on next weekend ...
do not know any ground for it - but seems serendip fall

see GaminG PeoplesPlan(eth)
(and translate to favourite language/vibrations)
here the image shows 13 colouRed circlues
so 13 gets attention "to proove"
whereas the lineup gives 2 3x3 formations of 3
that is 9+9  makes 18 circles
plus 1 in the centre
which is the VoiD one (another 9 but hiding in itself as a Judge does)

aha erlebniss
where is the rabbit Hole

(looking for the zero-point , aye??)