Wednesday, June 18, 2014

RABBIT moon ~ serpents kweak of lifeforce

clip learning VOID  kweak

current point of shift
facilitating june 21


Narrating some difference with KWEAKspell

note june 24
is in KWEAKspell day 26 in moon12

now it will be 1st one in turtle moon of tortuga

this moon leads its energetic judgement day

so what will be next ?
june 24 gives on this spiderman
237 on kweakspell: earth seal
(here soccer as a gaming element)

190 on Mayan Tzolkin: dog seal
tone 8 : galactic integrity type

167 on TreeKweak : hand seal
remember hand as 14 icon
1 thumb 4 fingears

lets imagine its vortex
and let it go to happen ...

Kingdom beanmeans Guarantee

(ref. mr trustee Hugh Schonfield aka Arthur)


inspecting july 14
257 210 207
earth ~  navigathor
dog ~ hearth resonant on right chest
hand ~ healer & avatar

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