Friday, January 24, 2014

Resonant Moon - VOID kweak AYN

( Pathway kweaking kweakinn kweakAYN  )

some updates from inspiring sources
* kweak font shifted from Helvetica into Georgia .. on my Mind
* within the table "Tw Cen MT Condensed" C' entered the ship

* first kin of the kweak is detailed to initiated the idea to imagine the other 2 oneself
(the mayan DreamSpell sealnames are leading however we vary by impulse)
* the zero day of the Moon - 28 - got the AYN sound from TahiriH
* see this page for the connection -  number 45854

Special on this kweak

the Horse Moon is honoring the China people all over the world on their power animal for a year .. Lots of people on the planet orient on these ancient techniques to skill their autonomy .. from talents given.

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