Friday, January 24, 2014

Kweak AYN found its STAFF again

origins from here 

this kweak 161.7.2
the moon14 concept came into life again ..

it is about the STAFF
impulses our CiRCLING gatherings

inspiring MerLin Staff ref.

more to followww

special clip attention
while bringing the noo world

a transcript on AYN chanting

The A opens my heart chakra
The Y opens that point just behind my heart chakra,
(you once named it for me, it is an activation/ vibration touch of all the chakra's at once),
and at the same time it vibrates to my throat chakra.
It opens the possibility to communicate.
The Nnnnn send the communication to the Noo, it opens some higher chakra's. 

Summarizing, it opens my whole being to communicate to the noo. 

The merging with kweak to kweakAyn, brings as a more sophisticated tool.
I'll try to explain.

A drop of water is a very flexible tool.
It has to capacity to unify with everything in its environment.
When it's in a river it is sweet,
when it is in the sea, it is salty,
and sometimes it is ACID and performs acid rain. 
To be fruitful, it is important that water can purify. 

That is the movement that the kweak give to us.
( we all have lots of water in our body) 

It helps us to unify our soul, 
it helps us to clean ourselves over and over again,
(after all we are humans)
 and brings us the consciousness of all the positive things that happens to us,  
it helps to open our chakra's, 
and now, thanks to starr,
the sign is given that the kweak may start the communication with the higher plan.


the chanting - practice