Tuesday, April 21, 2015

human CosmiQ is as YaniQ

This verY goat day exactly rhings went as they go on a scheduleas IANXELLUNGOLD could narrate the MaYan Calender on 9 phases
 other rhythm than Jose Arfuelles but then still in some dance alive

She did a great job guiding and trusting her friend Bolon Ik till a breakpoint which signals attentQi value into the noo intenD Qi,  both only wanting the new heigth of PotentQi finding elan vital in relationships that flow asxrivers tend to show..

Now my precious 52 walks natural lines stead those fingear narrowing pinsets

As i plan to listen her chozen music in the pretty room

She createD this from the Vega spot found in triangle

How lucky  was i to find her and save her from some cultural threads we tend to aVoid, ut then we didnot Care too much zombies. Friends came along to to tease the pencilplayer and praisectreecutters as ol jews in gaz fields ;-)

Now they refound the Silberbooked people as Sacky

What a coincidence we met in Lucknow 2006?
 ninth year current

Then some other diehards kept on pushing and pulsing a noo life as CharLene

seemed to plug on Charlie Hepdo

What a life
 so 52 Human and 22 Wind make a Wizard tone 9 too: 74(11)
 she the resonant mago enchants and he a four as in 4 shaping angles
 and roles exchange in bodily and mind phases moderating the balances

Healthy mind in heal'thy Body

refers the other one ..

YES ~~~ i am prepared
.. after having struggled some fields of explorat'ion

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