Thursday, February 5, 2015

LARK & LARCH kweak dedicated to Eck'ART

text origin link
(shifted 1 day as a crrection to a previous)

sometimes chaos & complexity grow that heigt and vibrant

we humans feel humble that we failed all the way ..

but then the memory stick seems out of order

orderings are needed by then 

ard U part of this co operation ?

By the Way
The Larch ! 
was inspired name for my beachhouse 1999-2011
sold to my buddy friend Alex van Groningen

(why was mayor Mans part of this bilateral transition?)

[neighbour Kees knows the solution,
Quality manager XXX, Amsterdam/Globe]

Transiton T'own / Uniting Nations

the animal totem was inspired
by co creator Herman Wijffels ,
whose biography 'de Opdracht' i'm reading ...

Eck'art was as the Beast Gonzo in Kermit / the Muppets

1 comment:

  1. Having some postings on 5/6 stressed a little bit to a cosmic failure ..
    so on feb 6 i shifted 1 day in Grogor Xlll into 2/7 as started for kweak 8,1

    numbersophist note
    8.1 is a resonant glimpse from 3^2 x 3^2 aka 9 to 9 => 81

    which also is received by 3 moons in their pure solar 27 daya modus : 3 to 9
    in full co~operations