Monday, December 22, 2014 .. what a Mesh !

about difference dreamspell & TreeKweak this .. anecdote

author was aligned to them original people in lands as
indonesia, venezuela & mexico

by uncle Jan "Gous"
he is kin 42 in DS ..
232 in MT - mayan tzolkin - human XI / 11

he was it zuvuya touch with his sister Jacoba
she was a little bit older , and a typical maya devoted woman
they both gog friends with my father MJ - Tinus
he was 
kin 25 in DS
kin 215 in MT - eagle VII / seven

Question is , what was Jacoba;'s birthday ?

anyway , lets see 4 the fusing of Gous & Tinus, "the Klerk"

42+232 makes 274 aka 14 in TreeKweak : Wizard
25+215 makes 240 in TK : sun VI - 6

both together excellerate the 6th S'UN,
having the MerlinK@ esprit to accomplish

"what will jacoba Do"

let us picture

gets the heels high ...
well not to kick the buul between the baallls as we used to say
only to dance the night away 

thanks JacoBaH
alll your destiny was giving
and make life beautifull

Y' ur S'aceY Baesy
happy januari 6
which will be on kweak 6.3 , next US