Saturday, September 13, 2014


And I had completely NOTHING to offer since I was in grad school studying German lit. Anybody in the mood to hear a depressing song inspired by Kafka? As we sat there, struggling to find just the right concept for our new song, someone said, "this is like being in a sailboat on a windless day, waiting for the wind to rise so you can move on." I started riffing about the Mistral Wind in Europe and some of the legends associated with it. Seemed like the Mistral Wind could represent inspiration. We came up with the idea that we were sailors calling, crying, begging for the wind to come. Ann had the idea to link the concept with a kind of longing for a lover. So: it was to be a song about passion! Artistic passion and passionate love, all together in one song.  Yeah, back in the 70's you could write songs with dramatic, lofty goals. Sometimes, they actually worked! 

communications got stuck
which is a dead end street for the people,
its democracy
its politics
(avoiding 'ZOMBIE heroism')

we again have to realise our principles
which are connected to 

'the BABY'

and its exponent ... 
The Prince

that is why we call 3rd Tuesday :
Principles DAY

however it was hidden in Prince-jesDag

Day to reshift the peoples penalties

it was in the 2 power 3 and 3 power 2 codes

8 and 9
up on 7

7 as the religious enchantement

8 as strenght & integrity

9 as intuition,
the sixth sense

september 16
is third tuesday according to the popular calendar

VOTANs lead it into KWEAK
within 13 moon

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