Monday, August 25, 2014

RE Birth of the year on [822] 25 ~ SERPENT five

in moon 2 3 4 / 6 7 8 / 10 11 12
the shorter version is shown , skipping dawn & twilight zones
imagine what KIN/seals are active their
InterVal training is part of those Gestures

The year cycle was ignited in JULY at DOG & MONKEY
Now it came to EARTH on seal 25, SERPENT 12

see first GLORYDAYA, daya of MOON EXperience
which actually INperiences the TEMPLE

1 comment:

  1. Here a PLUS ONE mystery implemented switching SIRdaya onto SUNdaya

    It is a MOON 29 that is Silent Force for KweakAYN
    So we have a plus 1 on the DreamSpell reference table

    It reminds me to number 261 the always current demon of this SIRlution
    See how 261 represents 9 to 29
    And 29 is but moon3 it goes with wave 2 tone 9, kin022

    Just Perfect 'Killusion'

    Pneu Ree Bah