Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Message on Prelimenary Change
the sound siliAUMN
shifted from position SUN to SOUL

this may be reacted on due to our planetary spots
( noospheric will do ;-)

the idea is that this facilitates the 28th day


a kweak REASON' inG

we count 13 stars in the double triangle
then we count stars per triangle
9 or 10
(is the middle one in or is it the IMAGINATION one)

a reasonable track / sight here

the 9 are both the love & life kweak
the single centre is the concentration

it is the VOID kweak in 9 days that pop

where is the centre ?
it is in fact every where 
where concentration pops as a focus to take care
and partake in the world

Having the 28th day in kweak time holon
this is the common celebrations day

in some analysis beyond dispute
we could say the sunday was a little but too short for celebration ..
therefor thos holy days were inserted such as christmas steady on a dae ..
and ascension tracked by the moon from a certain interval ..
The point is the interval is irregular and frustrates our human memory
(according kweakmaster)

so .. here you are ..
WE in our time created another interval in mosaic groups ..
lovin' mankind ..

what delivered the trick ??
first the triangles with the center delivered 9+1 x 2 = 20

this meant 13 visible stars in the CROWN
and at the same time 20 stars
while 6 uniqies and 7 doubled

now the serendipity factor got running
when 7 stars were hidden
why could not a whooly triangle be un visible ??

while study on the tzolkin calendar as well as intrepreneuring kweak ..
unlocked my body from history with some luck of many and diverse friends(types)

the 2 triangles meant 2 kweaks ..
and so the 3rd kweak became mind visible
the center point pivoted as the 28 day which is always around
when the concentration spells its act ..

of course this narrative was on the moon as a UNIT for memory


also read some k' nowledge here
( Commonwealth_of_World_Citizens / Schonfield / Mondcivitan )

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